The ultimate NEWSLETTER system for your business
With Our app, sending newsleter to your customers will be just in a few click. Newsleter marketing can never be any easier.
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Template Features
This app was designed with lots of interesting features that inludes the front-end and the back-end.
Admin Area
Over 10 Unique Feature
A very secure admin area where the admin user and login, view subscribed members and can send newsletter to subscriber
Admin Login Details
Username: mailer
Password: 123456

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Front Page
Interactive Front-End
The front-end is basically for email newsletter subscription where customers/clients can subscribe for newsletter.

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Neat Code
Built with the most recent php, Html, CSS, Script coding techniques.

All pages are 100% responsive and viewable across multiple device

Fast Loading
The pages are programmed to load and send n ewsletterl faster.

Designed with maximum and efficienct security in mind

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