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We have try as much as possible to provide some immediate answers to your pressing questions. However if your question isn't listed or we didn't answer your question clearly, please feel fee to contact us via

We are wixily, a digital development agency built on trust and confidence. We are Digital Crafters, Clean Coders & Neat Designers. We pride ourselves as one of industry's best.

Basically we do:

Website design and Template sales.

Logo design and Branding.

eBooks Creation.

We work from 9:30am - 4:00pm on weekdays and

12:30pm - 7:00pm on weekends.

Depending on the extent of your project, it may take at most 7+ two day to complete your project.

By purchasing our theme/templates you are getting your website design underway in seemingly easiest way. Our Logo and Branding services makes you to stand out from the crowd.

We will guide you through your template installation process.

YES. Purchasing exclusively means that you don't want such product to be offered for sale anymore. However, you will need to contact us  for an exclusive offer and for us to bring down such product from our serve.

You MAY be offered the right to reselling.

We don't refund after the shipment of our digital products. It is advised that you use our demo preview button to preview our product before purchasing. However if you feel we over rated or over priced our product feel free to contact us via:

For best results, our templates/theme should be edited using the WYSIWYG Web Builder Version that corresponds with the .wbs file. However you can equally edit the generated html, css and other files generated after local publishing, this requires coding knowledge.

This is the file extension name for WYSIWYG Web Builder template which is saved for further editing.

You are getting this error because you are using an outdated version of WYSIWYG Web Builder Software. Try updating the software and try again.

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We are Digital Crafters, Clean coders and Neat Designer. We have displayed Satisfactory level of Professionalism.
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