Welcome to our online documentation for your project. If you download our template/theme.You will find a Zip File containing:

Html File
CSS File
images/assets File
Icon File
wbs File
You Will need a file decompressing software like winrar, 7zip to unzip the file.



To easily edit our theme/template you will need the WYSIWYG Web Builder Software and the wbs file downloaded.

Unzip the downloaded file to your computer

Launch the WYSIWYG Web Builder Software

Navigate to File ➜ Open ➜ Navigate to where you unzip the file and locate the wbs file and double click on the file

All done! Start editing to your teste. check for basic functionalities of the software.



To install our themes/templates, you will need to have WYSIWYG Web Builder software install on your computer, as it serves as the earliest means.

Extract the downloaded Zip File to yours computer

Upload the files to your web server using FTP Client OR

Use WYSIWYG Web Builder Software to publish to your server via: Open Software ➜ File ➜ Publish ➜ Option ➜ New ➜ Type ➜ Select FTP And fill the necessary information.

Test run your installation via your web address.

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